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''This show is about a boy from Linkin in England named Jaden Hiroto Blaziken Christie who has been sent to the Isle of Okryn to start a new journey as a fighting warrior. He left his family when he was 14. He has the Fire Element. He received the Fireborn (firesword) and his (father) Michael Hiroto Lavar Christie's snapback and journal. Alongside Maro Afe (Oghenemaro his fullname) a close friend, who was adopted by the Hiroto Family (Jaden's family) he has the Wind Element, they then meet Adrian Juto the Divine, a tough warrior and who has a Gravity Element. Marc Galil the Electric Element, Aidan Draken the mysterious yet powerful Dark Element and Myles Ryco his enemy with the Swift yet Destructive Light Element. Peter Drofwarc the Earth Element, Ethan Hamilton the Metalic Element, Myles Ryco the Light Element and many more! Will Jaden progress to be the chosen warior?? Find out soon on Youtube!



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